I’m very excited to announce that Bivouac will be moving to the Gallery Studio, at Holtby Studios, at the end of September 2019.

While I absolutely love my beautiful studio in Castlegate House, and I’ll be sad to go, it’s time to move on to pastures new. Good, realistically-priced studio space is scarce in York, so it is an opportunity not to be missed.

I’m moving to a dedicated creative space, well-suited for both my design and art practices, it’s about the same space as my current studio and is quick and easy to get to from York. There will be other creatives, artists and makers on site, so lots of opportunity for collaboration, shared events and creative chats over coffee.

The studio was built by Mick and Sally Arnup in the 1950s and they lived, worked and raised their family there. Following Sally’s death, Hannah, her daughter, has taken it on and will be running it as an artist’s studio complex. She will be working from Sally’s old sculpture studio, next to mine.  The space I’m moving into was Mick and Sally’s gallery space, the next studio up was Mick’s pottery and above that, the kiln room – I felt the studio’s happy and creative past as soon as I stepped through the door, and fell in love with it!

It will change its name from Arnup Studios to Holtby Studios, to reflect its new chapter, later this year.

The picture above shows the Gallery Studio it as it is now – much loved, but in need of a bit of TLC. The Gallery Studio will be having some building work done on it over the summer, to fix the roof, add a sink and tidy it up, so I’ll post pics of its progress as we go along. I intend to make it quite funky inside – not a cream carpet in sight, so I can be creative to my heart’s content.

More will be revealed in due course. It promises to be an exciting year!


Meanwhile in Castlegate House…

The move will  force me to clear out my dreaded ‘cupboard of doom’. I’m guaranteed to moan about this a lot, so please offer moral support, and possibly a hug and some gin when I finally pluck up the courage to open the door (thank you in advance).