Are you a company looking for an experienced and creative 2D designer to work on your project as part of your team?

As well as leading on jobs and working directly with clients, Kate also enjoys working as a subcontracted 2D designer. The diagrams below show how she might fit into your team.

Kate is happy to give creative direction or take direction from others in your team, depending on how you wish to work. She can take a project from creative concepts to print-ready artwork, or be involved as much or as little as required in any stage of a project where you need extra creative input.

She is also experienced in working on HLF funded projects, inputting into funding proposals and working with other designers, interpretation planners and activity planners to create exciting but realistic schemes.

Please contact me to find out more.

A couple of examples of working in other teams

  • HMS Caroline Phase I and  HMS Caroline Phase II. Kate was contracted by Petrichor to lead on the 2D elements of the project, working closely with the 3D designer and content team from concept to provision of artwork. Petrichor managed the project and the client liaison.
  • Hadrian’s Cavalry was an interesting one! Bivouac worked on the whole project. We led on the branding, literature and advertising aspects, but Kate worked as part of Leach’s team for the exhibition elements, from the initial tender through to print-ready artwork. Leach managed the exhibition work and the client liaison. Kate worked directly with the clients in the latter stages of revisions.


Bivouac’s fees for subcontracted work are based on Kate’s level of experience and her skill-set, and the type of work you require.

For the fee quoted you get a designer who:

  • Cares about the project
  • Will research and get to grips with the requirements of the brief and understand the client and audience
  • Understands the needs of audiences, interaction and accessibility
  • Understands the importance of sticking to an agreed programme and to a fixed (sometimes limited) budget
  • Understands what things cost and is able to propose realistic and achievable schemes
  • Understands the challenges faced by clients
  • Understands spacial design
  • Has experience of working as part of multi-discipline teams (typically including illustrators, 3D designers, AV designers, lighting designers, architects, printers, build specialists, project managers, other 2D designers etc)
  • Understands the multi-strand processes that are often required to deliver jobs, and the importance of communication and good management
  • Will go the extra mile to your project a success.

As an experienced designer, she can handle most things that are thrown at her, in a productive and efficient manner.

There are three main ways in which Bivouac can quote and charge for work:

  1. You have a set budget and Kate lets you know what/how much she can deliver for that budget (how many hours/deliverables etc). A degree of value engineering can usually be done if your expectations and your budget don’t match!
  2. You tell Kate what you plan to deliver (provide a graphics schedule or ‘wishlist’) and as much supporting information as you can, and she will supply a quote for designing all the items required.
  3. You pay for Kate’s services hourly or daily and she does as much as she can in the allocated time. Depending on your location, Kate is happy to work in your premises and directly with your team if preferred and booked in advance. She supplies her own laptop and software and sometimes she brings biscuits – you just provide the coffee (black, no sugar please)!

All jobs require different levels of input and have different deliverables of course  so it’s always best to get in touch to talk through your project to work out what is best for your particular scenario.

Professional and ethical

Bivouac works in a professional and ethical manner. We take pride in our work and respect your relationships with your clients, and your skills and expertise. In short, we work with you how we would like others to work with us.

We avoid conflict of interest and will tell you if we have been approached to work on a tender or quote as part of another team. We respect client and project confidentiality.

Bivouac is a bona fide subcontractor and holds Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances and we take data protection seriously.

Please contact me to find out more.